The Cat Who Wrote A Blog

Hello internet world! My mom and I are avid fans of the mystery series The Cat Who… by Lillian Jackson Braun. The series involves newspaperman James Qwillerian and his two siamese cats, Koko and Yum Yum, who, through their everyday catlike activities, help him piece together clues and solve crimes.What’s not to like they are great mysteries, involve cats, and have such great descriptions of food that makes  your mouth water. In fact the descriptions made so many fans desirous of these great recipes that they wrote a cookbook, The Cat Who Cookbook in which they detail how you can make the treats mentioned in the series.


There are so many good things that my mother and I have been wanting to make. This summer we decided to reread the book series and try out the most tantalizing recipes from each book, in the style of  Julie & Julia. We plan to review the novels, make the food, and post pics (as the cookbook has none) and the recipe all summer. While we will be posting the recipe from the book, we may make a few alterations. It looks to be a purrfectly delicious summer and I hope all of you out there will enjoy our experiment as much as we hope to.


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