The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts


“Mrs. Cobb had always thought it amusing to have a resident ghost in an old house, but tonight her voice expressed abject terror.” (pg. 3)

This book always makes me sad. 😦 I LOVED Mrs. Cobb and she dies in this book! I know it is utter heartbreak. 😦 I hated that LJB had to kill her off as Mrs. Cobb was such an amazing character.

So Mrs. Cobb has been hearing strange noises in her house, the newly created Goodwinter Museum. Unfortunately the ghost isn’t a friendly one like in The Cat Who Turned On & Off, but one that has been frightening her. She calls Qwill and he makes plans to go out and see her, but when he gets there he is too late. Iris is already dead.

Qwill finds her death rather suspicious and moves out to the farmhouse with the cats to investigate.

While there not only does Qwill discover who killed Iris but discovers some hidden things about the Goodwinter branch.


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